Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to make Glimmer Mist

Here's a great tutorial from Jackie at Glitter Fantasies. I'm going to have to give this one a try.

Make Your Own Glimmer Mist using Acrylic Paint

Materials Needed:

Tacky GlueStick

WaterEmpty Spray bottles

Rubbing Alcohol no stronger than 60%

Metallic / Pearlescent Acrylic Paints

or Regular Acrylic paint with clear or white PearlescentI have also added Extreme Glitter to mine


1. Fill your spray bottle about 1/2 of alcohol, put about 1/4 hot water.

2. Then with your stick dip it in your glue and put it in your bottle filled with water. I say dip not scoop, ok? The glue will act as the binder. Mix it very well.

3. Drop paints in the bottle. I have no measurement for this because the more paints you use the darker the mist will be. Besides, your bottle is already filled with 3/4 so you only have 1/4 space to fill in, right? Now, don't fill in too much paint because it would be difficult to pump your bottle. Either you lessen your water or simply follow this tutorial.

4. Mix well as in mix well using your stick.

5. Try spraying on a cardstock and decide if you're happy with the shade of your mist. I have varied how much I use of paint and shimmer, this is sort of a try as you go. I have seen a number of tutorials and this is pretty much basic recipe. I have also made it without the glue and to me it worked fine. Just be sure after you use it to wipe off your spray area so it doesn't get clogged. If it does clog just use hot water to clean it out. On a side note, I get my spray bottles at Sally's Beauty, they are inexpensive and work great, plus they are bigger so you can have more room to shake it up. Don't be afraid to try different amounts of water and alcohol. I prefer addin

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